I first made a connection with drums when I suffered an injury that put me in a wheelchair for two years. I was unable to do most things that I had achieved with hard work, the things that I thrived when doing, but thankfully, in one of the lowest points of my life, music became my driving force.

During this time, the drums lit a fire in me to overcome the challenges that I faced and to become the best version of myself not only as drummer but as person. I decided to pursue music professionally because it was a huge form of empowerment for me and today I hope to do the same for others through my creative voice.

At the age of 17, I moved to Los Angeles to study music in a challenging program at Los Angeles College of Music in California. I was one of the three students to graduate from a class of initially 15 people.

Since then, I’ve played in various bands and collaborated with prominent artists in Greece, Poland, and the United States. The past few years, I have toured around the world doing motivational speeches that are accompanied by live drum performances. In Poland, during my last tours I collaborated with the amazing musicians, singers & songwriters Shandy & Eva. Currently, I am hosting my very own Drum Up The Volume shows in some of the most well-known venues of the Athenian entertainment scene.

Drum Channel

In Los Angeles, I had the opportunity to meet with people who “embraced” me for my talent but also for my positive energy. One of the most important experiences was my interview at Drum Channel, one of the largest YouTube Channels, that has hosted artists like the drummer of Red Hot Chili Peppers (Chad Smith) and that of Ariana Grande (Aaron Spears).


A few years ago, I completed my first personal YouTube Project, called Reflection, with tracks inspired by my life. Reflection consists of five episodes, with five songs dedicated to different stages of my life. In each episode I talk about my songs, my music, and my life.

Athens Drum Festival

In May 2022, I was one of the drummers who participated at the 5th Athens Drum Festival, the biggest Drum Festival in Athens.

TEDX Athens 2022: The Great Unknown

In 2022, I also had the opportunity to share my story with the world in TEDxAthens, where I talked about turning my fear into faith. Later during the event, along with singer Danai Nielsen, I played drums on the stage of the Greek National Opera.


Nowadays, equipped with my love, experience and knowledge on music, I managed to start my first music studio in Athens, Gem Studios, to give shelter to other musical talents and help them bring their artistic vision to life.



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