Growing up with a disability had many challenges and it’s not something you can prepare for. Very often me and my parents felt like we were in the dark, not knowing what the next best step would.

Somewhere along the journey filled with successes, setbacks, ups and downs we realized how much we had experienced. We made a promise to ourselves and each other that we were going to take every opportunity to share our knowledge and experiences.

During the past years I have built a great relationships within Poland, where I have given concerts with a duo, Shandy & Eva, along with motivational speeches.

Lately I have appeared in many TV Shows like “The2Night Show” with Grigoris Arnaoutoglou, one of the most watched shows on Greek Television, and «Αλήθειες με την Ζήνα», a daily Social Show, which has been on air for the last 8 years.

At this point it is worth noting all the podcasts that I have participated, such as Game of Money, &, and the interviews I have so enjoyed in various online & print media, like,, and Gala Greece.

TEDX Athens 2022: The Great Unknown

Ι always believed that everything starts with a positive mindset. As I never gave up nor taken “no” for an, in TedxAthens 2022 I shared my story with the world, and one of my dreams came true.

Moving from Fear to Faith

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