Angelo Pentaris 

Thank You – Official Music Video

Directed by Vasilis Dagadakis & Ioannis Koliopoulos

Production Manager: Elena Domazaki

Set Designer: Mary Deligiwrgi

Dancers: Christos Tzovaras & Giwrgos Derskos

Edited by Ioannis Koliopoulos

Music Production by Angelo Pentaris & Achilleas Diamantis

Music, Lyrics, Drums by Angelo Pentaris

Guitar, Bass, Programming Achilleas Diamantis

Recorded, Mixed & Mastered: Gem Studios by Achilleas Diamantis

Stream here:


I really made a connection with drums when I suffered an injury that put me in a wheelchair for two years. 

I was unable to do most things that I had achieved with hard work, the things that I thrived when doing, but thankfully, I discovered the drums when I was at one of the lowest points in my life.


Growing up with a disability had many challenges and it’s not something you can prepare for. Very often me and my parents felt like we were in the dark, not knowing what the next best step would. 

Somewhere along the journey filled with successes, setbacks, ups and downs we realized how much we had experienced.



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