Location: Athens

Challenge: Cerebral Palsy

Website: facebook.com/angelopentarismusic

Angelo Pentaris is a drummer from Athens, Greece who is currently living in Los Angeles, California.

Angelo says “My Cerebral Palsy tetrapligia diagnosis never stood in the way of my dreams that has become a reality as I am in Los Angeles College of Music. Nothing was accepted as an obstacle. I walked aided at the age of seven, sat in a wheelchair part time for two years in my teens and then I got up again”.

Everything takes so much time to achieve when someone is physically disabled for example it took Angelo six years to learn to ride a bicycle. And yet drums are the hardest thing to master with CP. It took Angelo one whole year to play a basic beat in order to start his drumming lessons.

Angelo adds “Not being able to play a beat was never an issue for me, I knew that just playing the drums was enough to bring me happiness and joy. I was born to play the drums at any cost.

I still face a lot of challenges with my drumming like stiffness, kick drum volume and technique because at College I am required to perform a lot of genre of music and play technically challenging music”.

Before Angelo decided to be a drummer, he wanted to be an athlete. He says “All the the training and physical therapy made me really strong, i struggled a lot with volume for many years”. The athletics training over years has helped him grow stronger as a drummer.

Angelo was fortunate to be brought up by parents who pushed him to try anything he wanted to achieve by supporting him, and encouraging him.

Angelo cites his inspirations came from Russ Miller, Chris Adler, Metallica, Mike Portnoy, Philip Bynoe, Chad Smith, Thomas Prigden, Ralph Humphrey, and Joey Heredia.

Angelo wants to be able to inspire each of you to follow your dreams and not accept limits placed by anyone on your path. Aim high and enjoy the journey.