The young man told his story to the judges and they could not hold back their tears

Angelos Pentaris caused tears of admiration from the four judges in Greece: they have a talent for his story and the way he became a drummer.

When you compete in Greece you are talented, stole the show and elicited tears of admiration from all four judges.

Angelos Pentaris shared his story with the public, telling how he became a drummer.

“I’ve been playing drums for thirteen years. But my career in music started much earlier. “When I was 4 months old I was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and quadriplegia and they told me I could not move my four limbs or live independently,” Angelos Pentaris told the judges, continuing, “In the beginning I could I couldn’t even move my fingers from my hands and that’s how my mother got the idea to start playing the piano. Only as a method of physiotherapy, so that I gain mobility. “So I started,” he said before the competition.

The judges broke down in tears of emotion and admiration at the story of Angelos’ talented triumph in Greece’s next phase.